Hey Rock.com rockers: I hope everyone has been well. Over the past couple years, you've probably listened to some of my audio interviews with everybody from Michael Jackson to Garbage. If you dug any of that content, I'd love for you to come sign up for the Rock Godz Hall of Fame. There, you'll find tons of my audio interviews - new stuff going up all the time - as well as print interviews I've done with some of the most amazing musicians in the world.

The subscription is $25 per year, which is probably way less than what you dudes pay for coffee each month.

It's a really terrific site and I hope you'll come and check it out.

It's very simple: go to www.rockgodzhalloffame.com and just click on the icon that says Click to Register. On the next page click Select and then click the orange icon below that reading Click Here to Join. From there you're on your own.

So what is Rock Godz Hall of Fame all about? Well if any of you are like me and are totally honest with yourselves, then you’ve probably wondered from time to time, “Who is that singer? What is the name of that guitar player? Who is that band playing that song?” You listen to your favorite classic rock music and you’re completely stumped. You get brain freeze of the mental kind. It happens to me all the time. You know what I’m talking about, right? We want to believe we are music experts of the highest order but most of us don’t even know the names of the players in the band who recorded some of our favorite music.

That is what the Rock Godz Hall of Fame is all about—telling you who these musicians are and why you should know their names.

When we came up with this idea, what amazed us was how little was really known about some of these players. As Rock Godz Hall of Fame materialized and as I have had the honor to hear their stories, it made perfect sense to bring these remarkable artists front and center. Rock Godz Hall of Fame is the place where you can really get to know the faces and people behind the music. Here is where you can find the answers to some of the questions you may have been muttering to yourself all these years: Where did that guitar player come from? What band was he in? What’s he doing now?

For $25 a year, you can be part of the RGz movement. We will bring you the coolest video interviews and some of the rarest archival audio stuff you’ve ever heard. We love these musicians as much as you do and this is our way of honoring them and bringing them the attention and acknowledgement they truly deserve. An artist doesn’t pay us to be part of Rock Godz Hall of Fame. That goes against everything we believe in and would do nothing more than belittle the legacy of these musicians. That will never happen here.

These dedicated musicians have provided the soundtrack to our lives. They were on the radio or playing on our turntables—now on our iPhones and mp3 players—during those important moments. And we love them for that. We love them for getting us through all the highs and lows—interminable days of high school, getting dumped by a significant other, landing our first job, marriage, and, well, you get it. Their stories are important to us and we want you to hear them. We are the champions of the rock and rollers whose names you may not have known but whose music has beat inside your hearts for decades. We are now going to stand up for them by acknowledging their individual accomplishments and contributions.

Here's some of the stuff you'll find at Rock Godz Hall of Fame:

Premium Interviews

With a Premium Membership, you’ll have full access to our insane—and always growing library—of both video and audio interviews. The audio interviews include the most iconic and coolest musicians out there—everybody from AC/DC and Aerosmith to ZZ Top and Frank Zappa. What you’ll see in the Rock Godz video interviews are the musicians who have been members of legendary rock bands but whose names you may not know so well…until now.

Free Stuff

Yes that is right; RGz gives away really cool FREE STUFF each month as we introduce to our fans to the “Featured Artist” of the month. RGz giveaways include FREE music downloads, signed memorabilia, Music CD’s from the Feature Artist, t-shirts and more!! All Premium Members get to participate in our contests to win tickets to concerts and to the Rock Godz Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies where the fans get to meet and hang out with their favorite artists!

Artist Updates

Each month Rock Godz has a Featured Artist that we reintroduce to our Premium Members talking about the awesome skills they embody and their contribution to the soundtracks of our lives. That is just the beginning though as we retire their month to a dedicated Artist Page for our Premium Members to keep updated on what their favorite artist is up to. Premium Members also get current previews on their new music and even blog directly with the artist.

So please come check it out - I know you'll dig it.

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Comment by Rock.com on May 4, 2014 at 11:55pm


Congrats!  Seems amazing.  How do we sign up?

Steve Newman

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